How many ski holidays do you go on in a year? Probably one, right? If you’re really lucky — more — but probably one. And yet, to make it to those snow-covered slopes, how many page results do you scroll down, how many chalets do you click through, how many endless dropdowns do you change?

The Ski Trip will help you find just one ideal holiday, because that’s all you need.

Normally searching for a ski holiday involves you opening many sites, shuffling through tabs, fiddling with filters, sorting results… Not this one. In fact, this one is simply plain fun to search.

The great thing about Facebook is all your friends are on it. And if they’re already on it, why should it be so difficult to sort out your holiday with them? The Ski Trip lets you pick buddies to go on holiday with and chat with them whilst you’re all looking at the same holiday, so everybody is on the same page — literally.

Making this app took a huge amount of effort, hundreds of cups of coffee and a few leaps of faith. So play with it, share it, find your ideal holiday and then tell us how we can make it better.