Daniel Craig will never be a great Bond until he has a great ski scene.

I’m a fan of Bond and I’m a fan of Daniel Craig, but he hasn't ticked all the Bond boxes yet. I like that Craig has brought serious grit to the character. There’s a vengeful murderous glint in his eye that would look distinctly out of place under the camply arched eyebrow of safari suit wearing Roger Moore. He’s destroyed some eye wateringly beautiful cars, he’s had a few gadgets, he’s got the girl killed, he’s escaped the inescapable, he’s dispatched some very evil henchman and he’s saved the world from Megalomaniacs.


So why do I feel like he hasn't got it all?

Simple: He doesn't ski!

Cast your mind back to the many great Bond films and what comes straight to the mind away?

Here’s a few warm up questions:

  • Best henchman? Jaws gets my vote (until he went soft in Moonraker).
  • Best car? Any of the Aston Martins but particularly the ejector seated DB5 from Goldfinger
  • Best girl? Barbara Bach from ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’.
  • Best Gadget? Little Nellie, the Gyroplane from ‘You Only Live Twice’.

And now the big ones:


  • Best starting sequence? No doubt at all that it is Roger Moore escaping from seven Russian hitmen skiers by shooting them with his ski-pole gun and skiing off a cliff, falling several thousand feet, and then opening a Union Jack parachute as the classic Bond music starts in the ‘Spy Who Loved Me’.

  • Now that was a cheer-out-loud cinematic moment!

  • Best chase scene? Many of the Aston Martin car chases will come to mind, but if you take those out then the Roger Moore Ski chase in ‘For your Eyes Only ‘ is a clear winner. It is brilliant. I would dearly love to have a try at skiing down a bobsleigh track.

Many Bond fans still rate Sean Connery as the most iconic Bond and he didn’t ski, but it’s hard to forget that Roger Moore was the most popular. And why was he more popular than those before or after? Because he skied.

To all the Broccolis that decide what happens in Bond films: don’t relegate Daniel Craig to the list of forgotten Bonds like Timmy something and Pierce something else. Get him on skis and make him the best Bond ever!

By Adam Johnson, Sales Director.

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