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Nick's Top 5 Cheap Bites In Europe

We love to write fun blogs and do top lists here at Iglu Ski so this week we came up with one that we know you will all enjoy! We decided to put together a top 5 list of places to grab cheap and delicious munch on the mountains. I hope you're not hungry reading this, as an apple just won’t suffice after hearing our sumptuous alpine bites. Nick Jackson, our Senior Sales Agent put together the... [More]

Alan Partridge's Favourite Pastime

Who'd have known that Alan Partridge spends his Friday nights ripping up the slopes of Norwich!

Tree Skiing In France

However much we all talk about trying somewhere new — skiing in North America or joining the growing trend that is heading back to our former favourite skiing destination, Austria — most of us will go skiing in France next year. Whether it's the cheap flights, the large selection of chalets, or maybe we just love to visit our neighbours, for some reason we can't help but go back. So, i... [More]

A Skiing Game Called Skiing on Atari 2600

A Skiing Game Called Skiing on Atari 2600 from Activision in 1980. [More]

Slalom Nights

A look back at Slalom by Ultimate Play the Game on Nintendo's original NES games console. [More]