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Capacity raised from 16/20 to 30 - 17/37/2012

Excellent resort however, the capacity of the chalet has been raised from the originally advertised 16/20 to 30 Bathroom had not been properly cleaned prior to our arrival. Dirty cups, cutlery and glasses, not checked when they came out of the dishwasher and not dry so they stuck to the bar and tables. Very small bedroom with nowhere to sit. Dining room was not big enough for 30 guests, no sitting room, just an area of extra tables to sit around. Day off really was a day off, no cups available and mess from previous night was still left out thought it might just be an evening with no meal not no sign of the staff all day. The corridor floor was mopped during breakfast and when guests were trying to leave. No sign displayed and very dangerous, if she had waited 30 mins most people would have left the building. Dirty uniforms and throughout the week the emphasis seemed to be on getting breakfast over with as quickly as possible so they could get out onto bthe slopes themselves. On the Thursday night there was a problem with the fire alarm beeping, it needed one of the guests to wake the rep who was sleeping in one of the rooms to do something about it. She didn't know how to rectify the problem and only muffled the box!!! A member of the catered chalet staff should really live in and know the procedure to recify or report such a problem. Friday night after complaining about the fire alarm still beeping on and off all day despite a visit from the maintainance man the rep reluctantly called another man. He had to come 250km and when he arrived he stated he'd done what he could but couldnt do any more as the owner was on his deathbed and could be contacted to repair the system. He also stated he would need to do a smoke test to fully check the system. Needless to say this was not a popular option and he agreed to return in the morning. About 3am true to form the alarm started beeping again, after an hour the rep was woken again and the box was disconnected thus rendering no protection for the upper floor- a major health and safety contravention.

Apres Ski: 4/5
Accommodation & Value: 2/5

S James

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