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Overview - 21/41/2012

Chalet was simple but fine. Had a great time with the other chaleters but my big disappointment was the food. We had 2 girls looking after us and the whole holiday is about snow, fun and food and one third went out the window. For all the reps and managers floating about I would have thought someone should notice the lack of basic cooking ability (training?). Garlic mushroom cut in quarters on inch and a half slice of French bread? Shouldnt it be thin toast? Honey Glazed chicken dried out skinless and browned on top until the fibres showed through? Cheesecake that fell apart and I didnt taste Marscapone anywhere. The roast beef was again dried out completely (basting every 30 mins??), fibres again showing. Halfway through I realised it was actually roast pork until at the end I heard someone comment it was really LAMB! How can this possibly happen? I heard others comment the kitchen was a mess with flour and bits on the floor and (lots of) washout from dishes left in the sink overnight. All that is needed is to have a Youtube How To video up for the recipe and off you go. Roasts are rub with oil/butter/fat and seasoning. 20 mins per pound then 20 mins over (less if you want it pink). Oven 180c and baste every half hour. Roasties on same tray. carrots on 10 mins before you serve and peas/cabbage 3 mins steaming. Lazy Gravy is bisto/oxo mixed with a few spoonfuls of water to a paste then add cabbage/pea water plus juice of meat after allowing to settle in a glass and spoon the fat off.

Apres Ski: 5/5
Accommodation & Value: 3/5

Chris Leben

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