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20 Reasons to book Club Med Les Arcs Panorama

20 Reasons to book Club Med Les Arcs Panorama

Club Med Les Arcs Panorama

The Iglu Ski Team stayed at Club Med Les Arcs Panorama, Les Arcs and created this handy list of reasons to book the property:

1. You don’t have to spend anything once you arrive The beauty of an all-inclusive Club Med holiday is that you do not need to spend any money once you have arrived in the property. Naturally there is a souvenir shop, and you can purchase premium alcoholic beverages, spa treatments and official photographs, but you can be absolutely sure that everything you need is included from Area lift pass, lessons, breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and all the drinks you can manage. (The only exception is child-care for up to 3s.)

2. You are picked up at the airport (when on a package) from an obvious meeting point The best arrival airport is Geneva, and in a very prominent position in arrivals, there is a Club Med welcome desk. There is minimum faffing and you are quickly sped up the mountain in an appropriate vehicle for your party size plus those arriving at the same time as you.

3. One wristband gives you access to both your room and your ski locker with the same number On arrival, you’ll be given a discreet but very useful wristband. It’s waterproof, so there’s no problem taking a shower or swimming with it on. It opens both your bedroom, and your ski locker. The number of the room and the ski locker are in sync. The convenience of a wristband which you can put on and forget about is a God-send when you have lots of other things to think about.

4. Club Med is conscious of its carbon footprint Bathrooms have large bottles of the usual unguents, which are refilled for each arrival. A sign encourages reuse of towels, use of stairs over the lift and taking a shower instead of a bath.

5. The choice and quality of the food is exceptional Your first meal in a Club Med property can be somewhat overwhelming, given the sheer choice of what is on offer, but it’s easy to get used to. The variety and quality of the food is exceptional, with special diets easily catered for. Wine flows freely at lunch and dinner. Snacks are available throughout the day. There’s everything from foie gras and oysters to a huge cheese board, fresh bread and indulgent desserts.

6. You can book a room with a view and a balcony and family rooms To make the most of the mountain-setting, ensure you choose a room with views over the surrounding mountains and a balcony so you pop out in the morning and check the weather. In addition, there are family rooms, which are ideally arranged, with single beds set head-to-toe just next door to the double.

7. Rooms have tea and coffee Whilst there’s no shortage of beverages available here, it’s a wonderful touch to provide tea, coffee and kettles, for a quick brew whenever it’s needed.

8. The boot room faces the slopes In a set-up which is faultless, skiers move from the hotel to the boot room to pick up their kit from their locker. From there, it’s just a few steps to the slopes, and you’re on your way onto the first run of the day. The nursery slope is also found here, so there are no concerns about getting lost, carrying equipment down the street, or waiting for a ski bus. Just as you depart there is also a water station and tea and coffee. A nice touch just as you need it.

9. It’s clear where you find your ski class Just outside the boot room, a row of flags identify where your ski school group will meet. It’s run in conjunction with ESF (Ecole du Ski Français). It is very obvious and very clear, and your instructor will pick you up and guide you around the mountain.

10. You can ski with like-minded people What this means is that you choose the group you want to ski with - depending on your self-assessed level, and you have a guaranteed group of like-minded skiers to ski with all week. If you are a solo skier, this is the perfect way to find people to talk with and ski with all day. There are plenty of bars on the mountain for group stops, and even a museum to pop into, about the animals you can find in the area.

Club Med Single skiers

11. You don’t have to ski At Club Med Les Arcs Panorama there is so much to do, that skiing does not have to be the main activity. The luxurious Spa Cinq Mondes has a huge number of treatment rooms and a delightful relaxation area; there are games to play, and numerous cosy spots simply to sit, read and relax. A shuttle bus will take you to Arc 1950 for a coffee or lunch.

12. Boots are meticulously cleaned Whilst you are enjoying your holiday, kit maintenance and cleaning is ongoing by the dedicated staff in the boot room. All boots are aired and freshened up, ready for the next wearer.

13. Skis are very well serviced, right to the end of the season There’s a good choice of rental skis, which are well waxed and prepared ahead of each arrival date. Ski upgrades are possible for those looking for all-mountain skis. (Extra charge.)

14. A massage is easily bookable The spa is easy to locate in the heart of the property. Expert masseurs will ensure your muscles are relaxed overnight, ready for the next day’s skiing. Prices are reasonable, at around €47 per 30 minutes.

15. You can easily book massages online Without any fuss, you can easily download the My Club Med app and pick an available slot for a massage, often as late as the day before.

16. Daybeds are available For pure relaxation, a visit to the spa can include mindful moments on a daybed, time taken for self-care and nurturing.

Club Med Les Arcs Panorama pool

17. Kids can dress up to their hearts’ content Child-care is second to none at Club Med and behind the scenes, the fancy-dress outfits can be spotted, from superheroes to Harry Potter gear.

18. Club Med teach you to dance and entertain you Each evening a different theme is chosen for entertainment, and everyone is invited to join in. You can simply ‘follow-my-leader’ on dance steps, without any embarrassment, a great technique to get everyone up and involved without self-consciousness.

19. A nurse is on site Medical attention is available on site, for minor needs such as plasters or painkillers, and of course just in case anything more serious occurs. It gives great peace of mind to know that any family ailments can be seen to on the spot.

20. Official photographs are available There is no need even to worry about the standard of your shots, as on site, an official photograph will do the necessary and ensure you have professional images to remember your visit by. (Optional extra.) In summary, the ease and convenience of a Club Med trip is worth every penny.

The Iglu ski team have stayed in all the Club Med resorts and have loads of ski holiday experiences. 

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