This Summer's Top Ski & Snowboard Trailers
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This Summer's Top Ski & Snowboard Trailers

It's that time of year when all the big hitting ski and snowboard films start to release their trailers, build up eager anticipation of the premier nights and eventually release the films throughout September and October.

The big hitters, such as Teton Gravity Research (TGR), Warren Miller and Red Bull are already whetting our appetites and will hopefully start the season with some big shows for us. With Premiers usually varying from tents at the Freeze Festival in London, to cinema screenings up and down the country, as the Autumn approaches, so does the pre-season furore of the winter sports world.

Last year we made it to the UK premiers of Jeremy Jones' Deeper, at the Freeze Festival, and the always much anticipated Warren Miller premier for their 2011 film Wintervention (out this November!). So, as we look forward to what is coming for the 2011/12 season, we've taken a look at this year's big trailers.

Following on from Red bull and Travis Rice's 2009 big hitter, That's It, That's All, and TGR's two huge 2010 movies, Deeper and Light The Wick, 2011 is the year of the Epic. Ski and snowboard films are taking full advantage of the crazy progression within the sports and the ease of accessibility to HD footage — I think a thank you to Go-Pro is definitely needed!

This year think big, think riding and line of epic proportions, think drama and excitement and don't forget, North America had record breaking amounts of powder to play with. This year's films are going to have you dreaming of snow for days, and here are a few, just to whet your appetite.

The Art of Flight

Brain Farm productions have teamed up with Red Bull to release another epic snowboard film. Their last offering, That's It, That's All, was one of the biggest budget snowboard films of all time, with rumours stating they exceeded more than Quiksilver's, one of the sponsors, entire yearly marketing budget.

Travis Rice and Red Bull pushed the boundaries in terms of filming, riding and destinations in That's It, That's All, and The Art of Flight, which has been two years in the making, looks to continue the trend. Travis Rice is making a big name for himself for hitting the biggest lines and insane locations and with the likes of Jeremy Jones onboard, you know there will be no punches pulled. This film looks so incredible, I had to post both the trailers!

Attack of La Niña

Matchstick Productions' latest offering, Attack of La Niña, starts off with reports of too much snow in the US last winter, before taking you on a powder-filled journey during North America's deepest winter in recent history. From heli-skiing and cat-skiing into North America's deepest powder field and steepest lines, to huge cliff drops and insane freestyle skiing. This film showcases some of the craziest of freeride and freestyle skiing from last winter.


Standard Films are releasing TB20, the 20th film in the legendary TB series later this year. Other TB films include the legendary TB8, featuring one of Jussi Oksanen's all time sections and a very young Shaun White ripping it up. The 2006 movie, Draw the Line, was best remembered for its 'trapped in Chile' section, where four of the team were stuck in resort after too much snow fell to open the roads of lifts.

This year's TB20 looks to continue on the trend of being one of the biggest snowboard movies to hit the shelves. With last winter's huge amounts of snow offering the perfect backdrop to a brand renowned for pioneering big mountain snowboarding. The likes of Halldor Helgason, Xavier De Le Rue and Mads Johnson, showcase why the TB series is just so damn impressive year after year.

One For The Road

Teton Gravity Research are known for making incredible ski and snowboard films, last year's Deeper took you on a journey to the deepest powder lines in the most inaccessible terrain ever seen. Light the Wick, another of last year's films, showed off TGR's ability with HD cameras and progressive skier's and this year's film, One For The Road, is bound to raise the bar again.

From the Teton (Jackson Hole) based film makers, One For The Road, goes from steep, deep and terrifying terrain to huge kicker sessions with some of the world's top skiers, while taking to the road for this almost documentary-style film. It's worth watching the trailer for the music, pillow lines and cliff drops alone!

... Like There's No Tomorrow

Warren Miller is synonymous with ski films and has been for the past 20 years. The production company, that still bears the name of the founder, have notched up 62 films in this period, and their current offering, ... Like There's No Tomorrow, will be touring the UK shortly. Last year's big premier, Wintervention, will only hit the shelves in a month's time as Warren Miller go down the route of a 12 month tour to build up the hype of their films, but they are worth it.

In ... Like No Tomorrow the world's top skiers will be taking on some of the planet's most adrenaline-fuelled lines from India to Alaska. With last year offering huge amounts of snow, be prepared for some serious back country riding, with a mix of freestyle to keep the crowds happy.

These are just a few of what will be on offer with films such as Jeremy Jones' Further, the second part of TGR's Deeper, Further, Higher trilogy, and Absinthe's Twe12ve, yet to release full trailers. Absinthe's Twe12ve is bound to be huge, previous films, Pop, Futureproof, Optimistic and NowHere, has all pushed the limits on snowboarding and film quality, being one of the first big film makers to take on HD filming in previous efforts. Here's a little pre-trailer teaser from Mikey Le Blanc:

Whether the snow is dumping or sparse, ski and snowboard films are big money these days, so the effort to make them bigger and better year on year really tells. I can't wait to see the two new films from Teton Gravity Research, the Art of Flight and ... Likes There's No Tomorrow!