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What to pack for spring skiing

With so much to think about when packing for a ski holiday, we’ve rounded up the vital elements you need for your spring ski holiday. Is this your first ski holiday? Read our first ski holiday packing checklist for the all-important ski essentials.

As temperatures begin to warm up in March and April and the days start to get longer you can expect lots more sunshine than the other ski months. Because of the intensity of the sun at altitude, it is important to protect your skin and eyes correctly. You’ll have no problem packing for spring skiing with our handy spring skiing checklist. Haven't booked your ski holiday yet? Take a look at our last minute ski holiday deals.

Spring Skiing

Sunshine on an end of season Iglu Ski trip in La Plagne

Spring Skiing Packing List

1. Sunscreen

The sun is out, meaning that you’re bound to catch a few rays while you’re on the slopes. The sun reflects off of the snow making it more intense than usual, putting you at a higher risk of sunburn. Avoid the nasty peeling tomato look and be sure to pack your sun cream! Protective lip sunscreen is also a must, as is moisturiser to keep your skin feeling happy and hydrated.

We recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher for high altitude, many of us at Iglu Ski use 50 to be safe. Don’t forget to reapply during the day! It is handy to purchase a smaller bottle that you can carry around in your salopettes pocket or bag whilst on the slopes. Many brands have started selling ski/mountain specific sun creams which you can find in most high street stores, such as Piz Buin SPF50 Mountain Suncream or Garnier Ambre Solaire UVSKI SPF 30. 

2. Goggles

You may not want to burn to a crisp, but you do want to get yourself an awesome goggle tan so that you can show off to your friends and family back home about your recent ski trip! You also want to protect your eyes from the glare of the spring sun so that you can enjoy the views and see exactly where you’re skiing. Goggles are sturdier than sunglasses and have much less chance of breaking, especially if you take a tumble.

For the sunnier months of the year, you will need a goggle lens suited to bright conditions with a lower Visible Light Transmission (VLT). These lenses are often darker or mirrored. Mirrored lenses help reflect light to reduce glare in sunny conditions where a polarized lens reduces glare even more than a standard mirror lens with added definition. Recommend VLT is 5-20% (Category 3-4). Summit Goggles come with 2 lenses for both sunny and low light conditions allowing you to change between them for varying weather. 

Ski Goggles

A mix of mirrored and polarized lenses for the mixed conditions in April

3. Layers

Leave behind your thickest, warmest, heaviest winter thermals and instead, take lighter spring ski wear that you can layer up. You’ll get hot quickly on the slopes with the sun beating down on you, so soft shell jackets, thin fleeces, hoodies, t-shirts and vest tops are your best bet. 

4. Novelty Clothing

As the season comes to a close, there are more parties, meaning more silly outfits on the slopes. Get your onesie at the ready and be entertained as you see fellow dinosaurs, bears and leopards whizzing past you. If it’s hot enough, you might even want to layer up your swimwear so you can do a spot of sunbathing in between runs. 

5. Pro-Plus

With all the end of season parties and festivals on the go, you’ll more than likely be waking up with a sore head in the morning. Be sure to bring some Pro-Plus, Lucozade Tablets or energy drinks to give you the energy to power through the day! The earlier you’re out on the slopes, the better so that you can make the most of the spring conditions.

6. Sunglasses

When you’re sitting on a sun terrace at lunchtime or outside at a bar for après you’ll want your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the strong sun. Googles can do the job but I often carry around a pair of sunnies in my pockets wrapped up in a beanie or buff.

Don't forget your sun glasses

Sunglasses at the ready for the Iglu Ski team at apres

Don't forget to take a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated during the day!