12 holiday packing tricks you need to know
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12 holiday packing tricks you need to know

Make it a smooth start to your ski holiday with our handy packing tips. Learn how to pack like a pro this year and just take the essentials away with you to the slopes. Beat the baggage allowance by planning ahead for your ski holiday this year.

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Ski holiday travel packing tips

1. Use a checklist

Take the stress out of your yearly ski holiday and create a fail-safe way to ensure that you never forget the ski essentials. Don’t have one? Just use our ski holiday packing list.

2. Don’t over pack

Pack less day to day clothing than usual. This is because you’ll be in ski clothing every day all day until the evening. Bring a couple pairs of trousers, a couple of t-shirts and jumpers and of course ski gear. If you are new to skiing take a look at our what to wear skiing guide.

3. Wear heavy items to the airport

Wear your outdoor boots and ski jacket when travelling to save space in your suitcase. You only need one pair of shoes when you are not on the slopes so this leaves your suitcase shoe free with plenty of spare space for all your other gear.

4. Roll it

Roll your clothes instead of folding. This popular technique makes your gear appear smaller and therefore simpler to pack into a small section of your suitcase.

Roll your clothes packing tips

5. Optimise your hand luggage

If you aren’t allowed to put your ski boots in the hold separately then consider taking your ski boots in your carry-on bag. This will save vital kg’s in your suitcase.

6. Fill the gaps

Don’t forget to use every inch of space when packing. Pack your underwear in your boots and other shoes to save on space.

7. Don’t check in your important items

Keep your important items in your hand luggage and not your hold luggage. Your passport, money, bank cards, keys, electronic and other valuables should be kept with you on the plane and on your transfer.

8. Vacuum packs for the win

Use vacuum bags for packing your bulky ski wear such as salopettes, ski jackets, and jumpers. This will help you utilise your space for other essentials.

9. It’s handier than you think

Take an empty bottle to the airport with you so you can fill it up once you are through security. This will save you spending extra cash in the airport and will also come in handy to take on the slopes.

Toiletries packing tips

10. Save on your toiletries

Decant your normal toiletries into reusable, smaller travel-sized bottles. You can pick up these travel essentials really cheap from shops like Poundland or Wilkos and they will save so much money and space.

11. Get the most out of your £’s

Don’t leave changing up your money till the last minute as you can often get a better deal if you book your money in advance. We use this great comparison tool to find out the best rates for travel money.

12. Get organised

Get separate small bags for toiletries, gadgets, underwear, ski wear, dirty clothes, and important items. This will help keep you organised at the start of your holiday.