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What to pack for a Lapland trip

What to pack for a Lapland trip? What to pack for a Lapland trip?

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The weather in Lapland can change drastically and quickly, so being prepared and packing lots of layers is essential. There’s nothing worse than having cold feet and feeling miserable during your stay!

You will be provided with thermal suits and boots but it is good to bring warm, outdoor clothing and lots of layers with you.



Footwear & Socks

Boots will be provided on the trip but if you want to bring your own snow boots, hiking or walking boots are the best options. They ideally need to be a little bigger than your shoe size so you can layer two pairs of socks.

It is also good to get thermal insoles and show liners to go inside such as fleece or foil backed ones as they reflect the heat back in. You’re feet and hands are the first to feel the cold, make sure you’re equipped to take on the extreme temperatures.

Ski or thick wool socks are the best. Remember to avoid cotton!


Wool or polyester long johns or thermal leggings are best for a base layer with wool underwear underneath. Jogging bottoms or sweatpants are good for the mid layer and over the top you can wear salopettes but thermal one pieces will be provided so this will be your third layer.

Top half

Layers layers layers! Have we said that enough? Again, wool or polyester base layers are ideal with a fleece top as the mid layer. On top wear a pure wool jumper and then your thermal suit will be your final layer.


If the weather is very cold (-30 or -40 degrees Celsius territory) or you’d like to bring your own, a down (goose feathers) insulated or down shell jacket is the best choice.


Pack a hat or beanie. The best option is the ones with the fur ear flaps.

Gloves are also an absolute must and it is best to bring extra pairs in case you lose one. Thin gloves are recommended to operate phones and cameras as in below freezing temperatures; you do not want to take off your gloves even to take a photo. Over top, wear insulated gloves or mittens.

If you’re going husky or reindeer sledding or snowmobiling, a balaclava, buff or snood are great to shield your face.

Dressing for the temperature

0°C – The essentials


The essentials plus...


The essentials plus...


The essentials plus...


At these temperatures, you need to dress like an Arctic Explorer or Darth Vader! Leave all sense of fashion behind, you need to be fully covered!

The essentials plus...