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Fantastic trip - 12/03/2019

Chalet and all staff were amazing as was the food and hospitality. Really couldn’t fault the team. Highly recommend the ski guiding service - again faultless and very good. Resort is very small but suited us as we were a party of 10 so tend to make our own fun.

Apres Ski: 3/5
Accommodation & Value: 5/5

Anita Marsh

Review of a brilliant holiday - 11/04/2011

I was initially suspicious when this holiday came up on Iglu - a chalet in El Tarter? Knowing the resort I knew it wouldn't be ski in and out, and my heart sank when we got off the transfer coach to be marched up a hill past some uninspiring houses. And we only passed one bar en route. Things began to improve once we got to the chalet. The staff were so keen to be pleasant and helpful. It was early season, but they were all bouncing about like Tigger on speed ensuring that we had a good time. The place itself was comfortable rather than luxurious, and the food was what you need when you are skiing - filling, varied, and on time, rather than haute cuisine. We paid 20 euros for a locker at the bottom of the lift, so we could wander up and down in shoes rather than ski boots. The skiing was proper Andorra - miles of relatively empty snow, with no hassle. The bar just down from the chalet provided some good evenings, with man-sized measures, and good food, although it was odd being in a bar with smokers. The other highlight was the most odd supermarket/general store/butchers/everything else that sold the most bonkers selection of things imagineable, up to and including functioning stills for brewing your own hooch, if the Grants at 8 euros a bottle was too pricey. All in all an excellent holiday, at a good price.

Apres Ski: 4/5

Nick Anderson

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