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LECH LECH LECH !!!!! - 31/05/2019

LOVE LECH! We needed somewhere slightly better value than the more expensive hotels in Lech but really wanted Lech, I'd been there once before for 1 day and wanted to stay again for a week, Hotel Mont Fort did the job for us. Good food, the staff were amazing and our family had a great time staying here.

Apres Ski: 5/5
Accommodation & Value: 5/5

Mr. Adrian Scott
Iglu Staff

ChaLet Hotel Montfort, Lech - Chalet Food... - 23/04/2019

Chalet Hotel Montfort, Lech - The resort was lovely. Despite being the last week of the season we had brilliant sunshine every day and lots of snow on all the slopes as it is high, and it didn't snow or rain throughout our stay. The hotel was traditional, small, warm and comfortable. My room had a terrace outside which was great. The hotel is easily accessible to the gondola and the chair lifts. The adjacent Hotel Berghof had a lift from our chalet's level down to the street level which was very welcome though by road it wasn't far anyway. My only downside comments were 1. the Chalet food was pretty poor and although I have never been in a chalet before, the general consensus of other guests who have was that it didn't come up to par by comparison with other chalet holidays. 2. We had an evening Quiz night on the second evening which got all the guests together and was fun. This, however, was the only organised evening entertainment and it would have been nice if there were more. 3. With the brilliant weather, it would have been great to have chairs on the outside space, particularly some sun loungers on three of the bedrooms terraces so the afternoon sun could be enjoyed. There were two benches but it wouldn't take much to provide 6 sun loungers for those rooms. 4.the bedlinen was also very average. The duvets were very thin so I had to use a spare on top which I found in the cupboard (without a cover) and the same applied to the pillows. It was, however, good to have tea/coffee on tap in the lounge/dining area so you could help yourself at any time of day or night. There was afternoon tea but again it was very limited with for example overcooked ginger biscuits that were like bricks! We had one good meal, Duck, and I had assumed the chef had changed but was told this wasn't the case. The chalet girls were helpful. Despite it being the end of the season, we did enjoy some apres ski in the town. The scenery was stunning on the side of the mountain where the gondola that was nearest to the chalet went, with few skiers up there so it was fantastic. The other side was busier. Would I stay there again ? The resort yes. The skiing yes, The closeness of the chalet to the town and lifts yes - ...... but the catering would have to improve to get me back to this particular chalet.

Apres Ski: 3/5
Accommodation & Value: 3/5

Lindy Ruston

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