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Downhill skiing - 12/01/2015

Super resort, well linked lifts and very easy access to slopes.Chalet was small but adequate and warm. Catering was excellent.This season however, the snow conditions were abysmal but non-skiing facilities were good.I partook of the outdoor swimming and the sight seeing flight from the altiport.Although dual paragliding was offered no-one would hire me a glider.The air carriers weight limits are small and the costs of freighting skis and a board prohibit one from taking both.Indeed, the costs of ski carriage was made reasonable by putting two sets in one bag! One wonders what their charge would have been for freighting my own paraglider and harness? Ski leading ought to be offered to clients,all travel companies should get together and force the French to allow it.All combine and boycott the resort-they'd soon change their minds! One company, some years ago,had a lunchtime barbecue for their clients then all skied together afterwards-surely this is still possible?

Apres Ski: 4/5
Accommodation & Value: 4/5

alan Rogers

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