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hotel gustavia - 19/01/2015

Chamonix town great as more of a town than a alpine village so much to do and see. Just be warned that if your used to many other purpose built resorts Chamonix can be extremely hard work walking to bus stops and then trying to get onto packed buses with skis etc, can be extremely tedious and can also eat up to 90 minutes of your day!!! was sold this holiday as a place for lively apres ski and that the gustavia would be a great choice for 10 blokes on there annual ski trip. although the bar was extremely loud until 2pm every night we then had complaints that there was to much noise from our group? why sell it as a hotel to groups? My time to moan after having my ear bashed about noise the hotel stuff didn't really care when my ceiling started pouring water in all over our beds and gear. I was even asked by the staff ... what? you want me to come and look? erm yes please as im not a great fan of waterbeds!!! lovley place for the weekend too much hard work for a full weeks skiing!! food in hotel was good and most stuff where friendly and helpful!!

Apres Ski: 3/5
Accommodation & Value: 2/5


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