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Nice on the outside... a dark centre - 07/03/2019

We stayed at Chalet Val Pierre in Val D’Isere in late January 2019. Great skiing but experience totally sullied by the owners of the chalet, Project Ski. Pros: Nice looking chalet Walking distance to the piste (just about) Free car service during operating hours Cons: No stand-up showers – all baths where you have to hold a shower head above your head Awful pillows where each and every member of our group struggled with Very firm cheap beds Blunt knives which are awful for self-catering Charged for damaging an item that was incredibly likely already damaged or was broken through reasonable wear and tear Blocked stand up shower drain with hair Slippery steps as they hadn’t been salted or cleared of snow Condescending and accusatory management The chalet on the outside and inside is aesthetically pleasing, no complaints there. Perfectly pleasant place to sit and stay. If you wanted to walk to the piste, it was a bit of a trek – took approx. 15 minutes in full gear but they did put on a free shuttle which was a nice touch. Staff at the chalet itself were helpful and kept the chalet in good order. However, there was no stand up shower (other than the unlocked one by the sauna) and all were baths where you had to hold a showerhead above you – not comfortable or particularly dignified. The pillows… well not what I’d call a pillow as your head sank to the mattress if using one or were so solid using two that you head was above your natural body line… again not comfortable. The beds were in no way shape or form comfortable and were actually sold – very cheaply manufactured items which when spending thousands of pounds I expect better. The same goes for kitchen equipment, the kitchen knives were absolutely blunt and therefore quite dangerous when chopping. The only stand up shower would back up and was blocked with hair, to my fault I should have notified the house keepers as I’m sure they would have rectified, but still a disgusting surprise the first time of using it. The steps were also completely covered in snow and ice which was quite hazardous when walking down – again should have notified staff but this should really have been thought of in the first place. Parking… ha – well that was interesting having to force my vehicles through snow drifts whilst avoiding other cars that had been parked shockingly. I’m not sure this could have been less managed if they’d actively tried. Now, the main problem with Project Ski in general and not just the chalet. A damage occurred, or had possibly already happened before we arrived for which we notified Project Ski of the following morning. Despite pleading our case that we did not cause the damage by reckless or malicious means – I have essentially been called a liar, a drunk, overweight, and that there is no appeals process. Unfortunately I have been dealing with the owner, Naomi, and she stated it was her decision – if she’d finished an email with ‘nur nur na nur nur.’ I would not have been surprised. I found her accusations absolutely repugnant and unfortunately have been left powerless and saddened by the whole experience. Absolutely terrible customer services and I will never use them again and actively encourage anyone reading this review, friends or family to avoid them like the plague.

Apres Ski: 3/5
Accommodation & Value: 1/5

Greg Stagg

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