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Overall an excellent experience. We were very well cared for and everything went incredibly smoothly from flight to arrival at the hotel.. The Hotel Europa 4* was adequate. The room was basic but the food was great and generally speaking we had good service. There was an electric cart to take us every morning to the slopes, however we mostly walked as it was quite a nice walk through the village. The village centre offered lots of entertainment, and the fact that there were no cars added to the mountain experience. We enrolled in ski lessons which were well organised for different levels. The only thing that let the holiday down was the other guests in the hotel who were very loud and quite rude to the hotel staff giving a bad reputation for the British visitor. The holiday guides were very good and knowledgeable and they made contact with us on a regular basis which felt just right. I would certainly use IGLU SKI again. A beautiful resort catering for all levels of skiing.

Apres Ski: 4/5

carmel Sheppard

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