Igluski.com Latest Ski News List of ski news articles updates on Zermatt News thoughtout the day en-gb http://www.igluski.com 2016-10-25 New cable car system for Zermatt
The new eight-seat cable car allows skiers and boarders to travel into the mountains or descend into the valleys from a number of levels, with step free access to the walk-in gondolas.

According to the resort, CHF19 million (?8 million) was spent on the cable car system, which should allow 2,400 travellers on it each hour, perfect to make getting to the top of the slopes that little bit easier while you're enjoying ski holidays in Zermatt.

Many people who have been on a skiing holiday in Zermatt in the past have called for the introduction of a transport system like the cable car and now the dream has come true.

Previously, anyone on a ski holidays in Zermatt would have had to use the electric bus service to get from nearby Cervinia to the Zermatt slopes, but now the new cable car is bringing the slopes closer!

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Zermatt awakens Prince William's romantic side ski holidays in Zermatt recently could have glimpsed Prince William on the slopes.

However, onlookers might have rubbed their eyes in disbelief - according to the Sun, the usually shy royal embraced his girlfriend, Kate Middleton, in an exceptional display of affection.

It is not difficult to see why a ski holiday in Zermatt persuaded the prince to show the public his romantic side.

Framed by the legendary Klein Matterhorn, the Swiss resort is a breathtaking setting for a lovers' liaison.

Spectacular skiing is combined with gorgeous views as skiers ascend the Klein Matterhorn on the resort's highest-climbing lift.

Middleton - who met the royal at university in St Andrews - certainly looked like a princess alongside her beau on the slopes.

After such a successful trip, it would be unsurprising if the classy couple return for another ski holiday in Zermatt.

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Fresh snow falls on Zermatt
Those on Zermatt ski holidays will have received fresh snowfall at the start of the week and on Wednesday, according to SkiClub.co.uk.

For anyone who is a fan of snow-sport, the weekly weather reports are great news, the site states.

The portal describes the situation as "the snow gods ? smiling on the resort", despite Saas Fee being closed for sporting activity.

Furthermore, people on Zermatt ski holidays between 31 August and 16 September can expect to enjoy a music festival.

The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra will make the foot of the Matterhorn mountain in Zermatt their home for the two weeks, playing to Alps-bound tourists.

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Zermatt welcomes classical festival Ski holidays in Zermatt are breathtaking - and nothing expresses this more than the resort's forthcoming festival.

Scheduled to take place from August 31st to September 16th, the Zermatt Festival will welcome members of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra as well as the Scharoun Ensemble Berlin and the Zermatt Festival Chamber Orchestra.

The event encapsulates the high-class atmosphere of a ski holiday in Zermatt.

Indeed, Prince William was spotted enjoying the charms of the sophisticated resort in March.

Nestled at the base of the awe-inspiring Klein Matterhorn in Switzerland, Zermatt is a must for skiers at any time of year.

So, after experiencing the aural delights of classical music in an Alpine paradise this summer, why not return later in the year for a ski holiday in Zermatt?

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Zermatt gets new ski run and lifts Ski holidays in Zermatt are to be boosted with a new ski run and two new lifts.

The always-popular Swiss resort looks set to increase its profile further with the additions.

A new run is to link the Hohtalli area with Gornergrat, reducing transfer times and maximising fun times for people on ski holidays in Zermatt.

Meanwhile, two new lifts are to be added - one in Sunnegga and one in Stockhorn.

The Sunnegga lift is a heated, detachable quad lift, able to carry 2,000 people per hour and is served by an underground station at Sunnega.

Stockhorn's new facility is to enable the accessibility of the downhill run in the event that the Hohtalli-Stockhorn cable railway is closed.

Ski holidays in Zermatt offer travellers a commitment to the highest standards of resort enhancement with a fun, adventurous sporting landscape.

The resort's many fans - including Prince William - are sure to find their excitement about the upcoming season is boosted by news of these developments.

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James Bond to ski in Swiss Alps ski holidays in Zermatt should keep an eye open for the spy who likes it shaken and not stirred, as James Bond takes to the slopes.

According to reports, blonde Bond actor Daniel Craig is currently taking ski lessons to train for a number of ski sequences that will feature in his new 007 outing Bond 22.

Sources have suggested that the action film will be set for the most part in the Swiss Alps, which some viewers may recognise from ski holidays in Zermatt and Verbier ski holidays.

"For the first time since 1969's On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Bond will be largely snow-bound. Much of it will be filmed in the Swiss Alps. The film is in pre-production for a major ski sequence," a production team source has said.

Skiing is a common theme in Bond films, actor Pierce Brosnan once engaged in a gun fight with armed parachutists as he skied down a mountain, while Roger Moore's Bond himself was seen skiing off a cliff before whipping out a Union flag and floating safely to the ground.

However, the prospect of enjoying some martini-based apres ski with the latest Bond hero is sure to get Daniel Craig fans booking their ski holidays in Zermatt.
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Autumn skiing in Zermatt - thanks to artificial snow ski holiday in Zermatt look to benefit from new mining technology that makes skiing at the resort possible as early as late autumn, it has been claimed.

According to a statement from Zermatt, the technique is used for cooling in the mining profession and in the tourist industry works to produce snow with a moderate energy consumption.

Christen Baumann, Chief Executive Officer of Zermatt Bergbahnen, revealed that the Vacuum Ice Machine works in the same manner as a freezer - but spraying snow over 40 cubic metres each hour, to the advantage of those on a ski holiday in Zermatt.

"We want to offer our guests perfect skiing enjoyment - so the innovation has come at just the right time," he added.

Meanwhile, other exciting new features ready to be experienced by those on ski holidays in Zermatt include three new ski lifts.

The two-seat chairlift on the Sunnegga paradise via Findeln to Breitboden route is being replaced with a four-seat chairlift which also boasts heated seats.
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Three million Brits head to the slopes ski holidays in Zermatt and other resorts across Europe this year, it has been revealed.

According to research from esure, those heading to Europe on a ski holiday are also likely to engage in activities other than skiing and snowboarding.

The company reports that a fifth of adult holidaymakers would like to try out so-called extreme sports while on their ski holidays in Zermatt and other resorts - such as ice-lake diving, tobogganing and off-piste snowboarding.

Jacky Brown of esure noted that there has been a rise in "high-adrenaline, adventure sports - such as heli-skiing and ice-lake diving".

Meanwhile those heading abroad for ski holidays in Zermatt can also look forward to sociable and exciting apres ski entertainment.

While skiing and other snow activities are important to those on ski holidays, according to moneysupermarket.com, one in five holidaymakers travel to resorts for the apres ski alone.
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Switzerland 'to receive most snow in Europe' ski holidays in Zermatt this coming weekend will benefit from colder weather.

The Ski Club of Great Britain reports that Swiss resorts are likely to receive the "most snow in Europe" in the coming days. Snow is anticipated to drift down across Switzerland reaching depths of more than ten centimetres.

It is advised that the best skiing is to be had on the upper slopes as lower runs at some resorts have thinning snow bases.

Nonetheless, those taking ski holidays in Zermatt will be delighted to know that "excellent" conditions have been reported on the upper slopes at the resort with depths of between forty and two hundred centimetres measured.

All of Zermatt's three ski areas rise above three thousand one hundred metres in height and fabulous scenery including the iconic Matterhorn can be viewed from all slopes.

Meanwhle, the Ski Club noted that American resorts "continue to storm ahead" thanks to "continuous" snowfalls. Californian resorts in particular have benefitted from recent weather conditions.
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Acts confirmed for Zermatt Unplugged ski holidays in Zermatt this Easter can look forward to some fantastic musical entertainment as Zermatt Unplugged hits the scene.

Taking place from April 9th until April 12th 2008, Zermatt Unplugged looks set to wow those skiing in Zermatt after a host of big name acts were confirmed for the festival.

Artists performing on Wednesday April 9th include founding member of legendary rock band Deep Purple Jon Lord, who will be taking to the stage with his Gemini Band.

"It was the longest hardest decision of my life, to leave the band that I founded and loved for nearly 35 years," Lord said on his 2002 departure from Deep Purple.

John Lord and Gemini Band will perform a mixture of jazz, blues and R&B with a "stylistic variation".

Those enjoying Zermatt skiing holidays on the Thursday will be treated to a feast of glamorous stars.

Canadian rocker and seven-time Grammy winner Alanis Morissette will be providing her own vibrant angst-filled charismatic vocals and will help make Zermatt Unplugged "an unforgettable experience".

Other stars performing include Glen of Guinness, Lingworm, Gotthard and Gabrielle.
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