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US focuses on ski slope safety

US focuses on ski slope safety Britons enjoying North America ski holidays this week can do so in a safe way as the region celebrates National Safety Awareness Week.

The National Ski Areas Association reports that skiers and snowboarders across the land will be focusing on skiing safely all this week.

Activities taking place during Safety Week are related to the seven key elements of safe skiing of the Your Responsibility Code.

These include maintaining control while skiing, giving right of way to skiers downhill of you - unless you are starting out from down the slope, in which case yield to uphill skiers.

Other tenets include stopping in a safe place for you and other skiers, observing signs and warnings and keeping well clear of closed trails and using lifts with proper care and attention.

"Safety remains a top priority throughout the season for ski resorts, and Safety Week is an opportunity for both guests and employees to gain a better understanding of the importance of personal responsibility on the slopes," NSAA President Michael Berry observed.

Ski resorts across North America, including Vail, in Colorado, are taking part in the week.

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