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Avoid at all costs - 08/47/2013

Not particularly cheap, and certainly not impressive!! Had much better for less. These aparments are where we stayed when we went skiing for a week over the Christmas period 2012. The entrance to the apartments was very slippery and little was done to improve this resulting in a family member falling and hurting their knee even before the week got going. We were very disappointed as a family of 4 to be staying in a very small apartment with bunk beds next to the front door in the hallway opposite the bathroom. Every corridor and bathroom noise was audible from the area where the children tried to sleep. The standard of the apartments was that of low quality with cracks and drafts in the walls; thus having to keep the curtains drawn at all times in an attempt to keep any warmth in. Warmth!? The heating packed up on our first night leaving us all shivering and wearing our salopettes in bed as well as on the slopes! My youngest was very upset and got very little sleep, as did I. An engineer came out the following day after a complaint was made and botch fixed the problem. Although to keep the heating on you needed to wedge something down the back of each heater to keep the electrical circuit connected in order to produce and maintain some warmth. The bathroom was huge but the ventilation from the bathroom came into he lounge, which wasn't ideal. Bedding was not ready when we arrived and a huge checklist was required in order to vouch for any missing items (maybe heat should have been on the list!) In all a great week skiing but very compromised accommodation which we luckily managed to avoid most of the time by being on the slopes. We travelled with another family of 4 who also stayed in Foret Blanche who have also made a formal complaint mentioning dirty blankets, constant power cuts and generally shoddy accommodation.

Apres Ski: 2/5
Accommodation & Value: 1/5

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