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Map of Lapland

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190,000 reindeers and 1 Santa Claus, Lapland holds a misconception that it's situated in Finland when actually Lapland covers northern Sweden, Norway, Finland and part of Russia's Kola Peninsula. The word Lapland itself derives from a derogatory term from either the Scandinavian word "lapp" meaning a patch of cloth or originating from the Finnish "lape" which denotes remoteness.

Did you know? Finnish Lapland is as big as Belgium, Holland and Switzerland put together! Read more about Finnish Lapland below to get you inspired for your next Lapland holiday.

Where to go in Lapland

Iglu Ski offer holidays to Lapland in the resorts of Levi, Luosto, PyhaRukaSaariselkä and Yllas. Santa’s Lapland and festive breaks to Lapland run through December and ski holidays in Lapland run from December to April. Find out more about the Lapland holidays available in these resorts and more resort information.

Map of Lapland

The Northern Lights in Lapland 

History of Lapland

Many believe the story of Lapland is built on stories of Santa Claus and his reindeers and elves when actually Lapland is the home of Sami people. This group is traditionally nomadic who wandered around the northern parts of Finland, Sweden, the north coast of Norway and also mainland Russia. Referring to their homeland as Sapmi, the sami people lived in tepee like tents known as lavvus and it largely through them that the Finns, Swedes and Norweigens have learned how to survive in its harsh climate. By the mid sixteenth century also, their economy and culture was based on farming and herding reindeer which still continues to this day. There are still thought to be under 10,000 Sami living in Finnish Lapland even now. You will be able to learn a lot more about the traditional culture of Finnish Lapland on our tours!

Weather in Lapland

For many, the biggest attraction to Lapland is its unique and breathtaking scenery, the closest part of the world to a magical winter wonderland so it's no surprise it's Santa Claus's home! Lapland brings the scope of adventure to reality with its beautiful landscapes of fjords, inland lakes and wintry snow-capped trees with the prospects of dancing green, blue and red lights in the night sky. The Northern Lights can be viewed for more than 200 nights out of 365 from around late August to April. More northern resorts such as Saariselka will have a more likelihood of seeing them as it doesn't have as much light disturbance.

During peak travel season (December - February) the average temperatures in the region are about -16 degrees celsius to highs of 3 degrees celsius. In some cases there have been lows of -30 degrees celsius! For those visiting in late November and December, wear lots of layers to keep warm - it's going to be cold! But what about the snow? The average days of snow coverage is about 175-225 days per year between mid October and mid May. Lapland does experience long seasons, so if you're looking for snow sure resorts then Finnish Lapland resorts are a good choice.

Lapland is also known for its midnight sun during the summer months. This is a natural occurrence in which the sun does not set for up to 3 months!