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Lacked Atmosphere - 30/03/2015

Most chalets that we have stayed in over the years have open plan lounge and dining areas, and very often an open plan kitchen, meaning that hosts and guests get to chat and interact before during and after meals, but at the St Martin all 3 are separate and so there was just not the same interaction and this just defeats the object of staying in a catered Chalet. The lounge is actually a good size (by most chalets standards) but it hardly got used with most guests going up to their rooms after not because they were miserable but because it was just not inviting! The chalet is also on the edge of the village meaning a long walk, bus or taxi to get to the centre and lifts. On the positive side the room was a good size.

Apres Ski: 4/5
Accommodation & Value: 2/5

Steve Eagles

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Don't do it - 02/04/2016

To begin with St Anton is a fabulous resort and I would recommend the resort to anyone. However, our stay with Alpine Elements wasn’t so fabulous and we were very disappointed! After staying in loads of wonderful chalets and hotels over the years with excellent food I was really not prepared for what we experienced with Alpine Elements. To begin with on the transfer bus Nick Thompson (Resort Rep) seemed to only care about one thing… making money out of everyone. On the bus there was a charge for paying for lift passes on the card machine and a 5euro deposit for lift passes which neither of these applied at the lift office in town. Don’t fall for the mistake – because you wont get your deposit back, when Nick Thompson was confronted at the airport departures and said he didn’t have our money, he told us that we needed to collect our deposit back from the lift office and apparently he said this on the bus however, after speaking to everyone in my party and several others on the bus they never heard this, so again after confronting for the second time he replied with I don’t have your money and if I give it to you it will mess up all my accounts. We also didn’t see Nick all week at the Chalet and when we did try to call him to discuss an issue he didn’t answer his phone, our opinion on Nick wasn’t very high and he certainly wasn’t like any other Reps. We arrived at the Chalet, it was clean and the rooms were good and we did have a nice view – we could not fault the rooms. However, the dining area was awful. Very small, not very Austrian and didn’t have the look of a 4 star premium Chalet and the food was the worst I have experienced on a skiing holiday and this is one of the things you look forward to after a long day on the slopes. We were served with small portions and very basis cheap food. We couldn’t deal with the food for one evening so we went out for dinner (never have I done this) Breakfast was to share 3 baguettes between 18 people, there certainly wasn’t a full skier breakfast as described on the website, meaning we had to spend a lot of money at lunch time to fill ourselves up. If the food was great and tasty and not thrown in front of us by Chalet maids then maybe we would have been happier but the service and experience was all about Alpine Elements making as much money as possible and it wasn’t about providing a excellent service and experience for guests. For example, I walked into the dining area and you expect a Good Morning well I was completely blanked and served a cold dry pancake. Towards the end of the holiday we spoke to one of the Chalet Maids and explained how we felt she told us menus were already written and they had to follow them. This is certainly something Alpine Elements need to work on and that is improving how much food is available to guests and making sure guests feel full but also that food is tasty and interesting. On one of the Chalet Maids days off we had to help ourselves to breakfast and I have to say I certainly felt full after making our own scrambled egg, beans and bacon. All in all the Skiing made up for it, the resort is fabulous and such a great place to go but do not go with Alpine Elements because they are only in it for one thing and it was very clear… Money!! Chalet Maids looked exhausted, the service from them was very poor (highlighting poor training), the food was awful and clearly with a very small budget per person, which isn’t good, enough when you are paying a lot of money and I do not expect to be hungry after breakfast. I would love it if Alpine Elements could explain there reasoning for all this and give some sort of idea of what they are going to do to improve there service and experience for guests. If you have a choice do not choose this company as you will be extremely disappointed and it will ruin part of your holiday. However, I will be certainly returning to St Anton as the resort is great and we had such a good time out on the slopes but I will never be returning with Alpine Elements as they are certainly rated very low in my opinion and several others I spoke with in our chalet, you would understand and expect the experience however, we didn’t. Don’t do it!

Apres Ski: 5/5
Accommodation & Value: 2/5


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