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Bardonecchia ski area - 11/02/2019

First time skiing in Italy and was not disappointed. The Ski area is easy to navigate and well signposted. The most confusing aspect is the bus, but once you get your head around it there is no problem. ALL buses go to Campo Smith and the Station (Railway) so no matter which one you get you can transfer easy enough. The Jafferau ski area is more open with lovely wide open runs, all of which can be completed by an intermediate skier. If you want a more complex area with lots of runs then this is not for you, we skied every run in 3 days with no issues. That said we were with a couple of skiers of a er more mature age who were quite happy completing a couple of runs before and a couple after lunch and they were more than happy as there a couple of long Blue runs from top of Campo Smith. Some of the Reds though are very difficult. Saturday and Sunday are rammed with locals, but after that in the week more often than not you have the runs to your selves. I would go back but just for quick couple of days as you can get the train from Turin to the resort for less than £7.

Apres Ski: 2/5

Alan Fletcher

I was there 6-12th February - 16/02/2011

Lovely authentic Italian village frequented by the Turinians on the weekend. Great slopes although I felt the grading of slopes was different from other places I skied. The reds were demanding this time - I think I need more lessons. Lovely food on and off piste. Try Cipo's bar, although located at the base of slopes, serving authentic hearty food with a warm welcome and great music.

Apres Ski: 5/5

Gwyneth Sanders

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