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Some of the finest scenery in the Zillertal - 09/11/2011

When you ski Zell am Ziller it is easy to think of just the resort on it's own. Having spent many days and even weeks skiing in the Zillertal I can say the Zell is always my safe bet. I don't mean Zell has only easy skiing...Not at all. From Zell am Ziller you can cover 4 mountains without getting on any other transport than a ski lift. The sense of achievement one gets from hacking along from Zell via the Krimml express to Gerlos, whizzing down black 8 to take the three chair ascent to the top of Konigsleiten, as you peer around the corner of the track your eyes are washed with the stunning views of the, often frozen, reservoir. Wide freeway skiing to the base of Sonnwendkopf brings you panting to face your final prime lift to the top of Hock Krimml for more wide carvelicious reds and blues. If you have time, you speed trialler you, then pop down black one for a rollercoaster of a knee swallower to take the T back up with plenty of height to traverse back over to the front face. Make sure you've got enough energy left in your legs. At the top of Konigsleiten for the return trip you have the awe inspiring 6km (don't quote me) descent to the base of Gerlos. A quick roll around in the half pipe and a few kickers of the sides of the runs keep you on your toes as the thigh burn kicks in as you pass the pumping Apres tunes at the umbrella bar. Don't stop now, you could cop out and do the Gerlos home run and party it up in Luiggi's and snooze on the long winding public transport home, or you can Man up and get the long return chair to Zell, and race your guys to the Sau'stadl. Last one get the Willy Birne!!(schnapps folks)!! I challenge thee! I grew up skiing in France, after spending one day in the Zillertal I knew it was heaven on earth! Happy skiing. EG

Apres Ski: 4/5


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