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Hotel Paquis, Tignes le Lac - 25/07/2019

A compact hotel where one can almost ski out. (2 mins walk) It is quietly positioned to the rear of the night life. It’s draw is it’s excellent cuisine and comparable hospitality. It is comfortable and gave the ten of us a delightful week this January. I hate to broadcast this information!

Apres Ski: 4/5

Alan Anderson

Great ski destination - 07/03/2022

Tignes linked to Val d'sere is my favourite resort. I have been here about 8 times and stayed in The Hotel Paquis four times since 2014 however the resort is building more and more accommodation and the slopes are almost dangerously overcrowded now. I think they are in danger of ruining the resort. Everywhere was packed at lunchtime. I'm an experienced skier but I would not recommend it for people in their first week or two of skiing as the slopes are generally quite steep and the grading quite misleading. Some of the blue and even green slopes are quite challenging. The Hotel Paquis is a really friendly, family-run hotel but the rooms are really small and cramped and could really do with an upgrade but the bar and lounge areas are comfortable. The boot room is good and has toilets and showers if you are leaving late and can ski after you've needed to vacate the room. As a vegetarian, the food is not great.

Apres Ski: 4/5


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