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These are the top snow sure resorts in Austria

Ischgl resort centre


If you’re heading to Austria at the beginning or the end of the season, there’s usually one question on your mind before you go… will there be enough snow?

While its peaks don’t don’t quite reach the dizzying heights of Switzerland or France, if you choose the right resort, the Austrian alps are very snow sure, with fantastic conditions, skiable glaciers, high altitude runs, and sophisticated artificial snow systems.

Thankfully, Austria has its fair share of ski destinations that meet this criteria, and we’ve done the research and ranked the top 10 most snow sure resorts so you don’t have to. 

From optimal Obergurgl to the vast orbital tracks of Obertauern, all you have to do is decide where you’d like to go…  


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First, what defines a snow sure ski resort?


To determine our ranking of Austria's 10 most snow sure resorts, we assessed each one against seven criteria. Those criteria are:


1. Healthy December snowfall 

It’s important that the season gets off to a good start with an early dump of the white stuff in December, which provides a solid foundation for the rest of the season’s snow.


2. Healthy April snowfall 

The season runs into spring, so we made sure each of our resorts had a continuous supply of snow right up to April.


3. A resort height above 1,500m 

Three of our resorts are above 1,500m, which is usually a good sign that the pistes will hold snow right back down to the resort centre. 


4. A max resort height above 2,700m

All but one of our resorts have lifts that go up beyond 2,700m. Above this height, the air is much cooler, which means the pistes should remain skiable throughout the season, even if it’s unseasonably warm lower down.


5. Glacier skiing 

Glaciers are a natural phenomenon that, if they didn’t already exist (and if it was possible) ski resorts would invent. Layers and layers of compacted snow built up over centuries provide a kind of underfloor cooling system for the pistes, meaning glaciers can sometimes be skiable throughout summer.


6. Slope direction 

Slopes that face north and east receive less direct sunlight and so tend to maintain quality snow conditions for longer than their south and west facing counterparts.


7. Snow cannons

It’s always good to have a helping hand, so it’s great that there are literally thousands of snow cannons across our 10 resorts to provide a supportive dusting of artificial powder when the natural stuff is thin on the ground.


The good news is, Austria has plenty of ski resorts that meet these criteria, and using our own unique ranking system, we’ve determined the top 10. 



Austria's most snow sure resorts are:


  1. Obergurgl

  2. Solden

  3. Kuhtai

  4. Ischgl

  5. Lech

  6. Kaprun

  7. St Anton

  8. Schladming

  9. Mayrhofen

  10. Obertauern


Let's take a look at what conditions make these Austrian resorts the most reliable all season long.


Resort December weekly snow April weekly snow Resort <1500m Highest lift Glacier  Direction Cannons
Obergurgl 30cm 31cm Yes 3,082 No N, NW, E 90%
Solden 33cm 33cm No 3,340 Yes N, S, E, W 60%
Kuhtai 25cm 22cm Yes 2,811 No N, S 50%
Ischgl 32cm 24cm No 2,872 No N, S, E, W 50%
Lech 38cm 24cm No 2,811 No N, E, S, W 60%
Kaprun 24cm 18cm No 3,029 Yes N, S, E, W 45%
St Anton 36cm 26cm No 2,811 No N, S, E, W 88%
Schladming 18cm 11cm No 2,700 Yes N, N/W 100%
Mayrhofen 17cm 11cm No 3,250 Yes N, S, E, W 100%
Obertauern 21cm 17cm Yes 2,315 No N, S 80%


Find out more about these top resorts in the next section.


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1. Obergurgl

  • Highest lift - 3,082m
  • December weekly snowfall - 30cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 31cm
  • Snow cannons - 90%
  • Slope direction - N,NW,E

Situated way up at 1,930m, with lifts going up to 3,082m, and a very healthy average snowfall from December to April (which can build a base layer of up to 2m), it should be no surprise that Obergurgl, one of Austria’s most popular ski resorts, is also our most snow sure. 

Thanks to these near optimal conditions, Obergurgl has one of the longest seasons in the Alps (November to May), and is one of the first non-glacier ski areas in Tyrol to open. The resort also benefits from a more northerly aspect to its slopes than many other resorts, which means that, even on sunny days, a larger proportion of its pistes retain quality snow.  

With links to the nearby Hochgurgl ski area, you’ll have more than 110km of runs to explore. If you’re a beginner, we’d recommend checking out the Festkogl area, while experts should make a beeline for the spectacular Hohe Mut run.



2. Solden

  • Highest lift - 3,340m
  • December weekly snowfall - 33cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 33cm
  • Snow cannons - 60%
  • Slope direction - N,S,E,W

With lifts taking you up to 3,340m (the highest of our 10 resorts), glacier skiing, and an excellent snow record - a remarkably consistent weekly average of 33cm in both December and April - Sölden is our second most snow sure Austrian ski resort.

There are two glaciers in Sölden: the Tiefenbach and Rettenbach, which hold enough snow to open up for skiing as early as September, and have an excellent range of runs, particularly for intermediate skiers. You’ll also find perfect pistes for beginner progression at Giggijoch.

What’s more, 60% of the ski area is covered by snow making systems, while a dedicated team is on hand to keep the pistes in excellent condition.


 Solden highest point

Solden reaches the dizzying heights of 3,340m

3. Kuhtai

  • Highest lift - 2,811m
  • December weekly snowfall - 25cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 22cm
  • Snow cannons - 50%
  • Slope direction - N,S

At 2,020m, Kuhtai is one of the highest resorts in our ranking, with fantastic ski conditions virtually guaranteed from December to April thanks to the altitude and healthy season-long snowfall. It also happens to be one of the smallest resorts, with just 12 lifts and 40km of pistes. 

That said, there’s a lot of quality packed into this compact ski area, with a nice variety of runs for beginners and, because they’re mostly reds, especially intermediates. As it's so quiet, you’re sure to spend a lot more time skiing and a lot less time queuing for lifts in Kuhtai. Expert skiers won’t find much to challenge them, but your ski pass also grants you access to Hochoetz on a free bus, which opens up another 40km of piste. 

Kuhtai is just half an hour from Innsbruck, and thanks to a regular ski bus, is easy to get to for a day trip. For groups of skiers and non-skiers and for those looking to combine a ski and sightseeing holiday, Kuhtai and Innsbruck are a top choice.



4. Ischgl

  • Highest lift - 2,872m
  • December weekly snowfall - 32cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 24cm
  • Snow cannons - 50%
  • Slope direction - N,S,E,W

Nestled in the heart of the Paznaun valley, Ischgl's resort centre is just below our ideal resort height (1,400m), but its super efficient, high altitude lift system will fly you up to the peak of the pistes (2,872m) in no time at all. There you’ll find immaculately kept, and generally uncrowded, north-facing slopes and sublime vistas. 

As well as a decent supply of natural snow (32cm in December and 24cm in April), Ischgl has 140 snow cannons on standby to keep its extensive 230km ski area well covered. Intermediates and advanced skiers are especially well catered for. 



5. Lech

  • Highest lift - 2,811m
  • December weekly snowfall - 38cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 26cm
  • Snow cannons - 60%
  • Slope direction - N,E,S,W

Part of the Arlberg ski area, Lech is blessed with one of the largest supplies of natural snowfall in our ranking, with December alone enjoying an average of 38cm of the white stuff.  

With such a consistent snow record, the quality of Lech’s pistes and open slopes is all but assured across its vast ski area, which ranges in height between 1,450m and 2,811m. And, thanks to its sophisticated lift system, you’ll have easy access to its many neighbouring districts and resorts, which include Oberlech, Stubenbach, St Anton, Zug, Zürs, giving you a grand total of 305km of skiable terrain.

Of these resorts, Lech’s gentler slopes make it the most suitable for beginners. 


 View of valley from Kaprun

 Kaprun offers great glacier skiing


6. Kaprun

  • Highest lift - 3,029m
  • December weekly snowfall - 24cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 18cm
  • Snow cannons - 45%
  • Slope direction - N,S,E,W

Kaprun is located at just 775m above sea level, but its actual 132km ski area is situated within an extremely snow sure range of 1,978m and 3,029m. That, alongside the high altitude Kitzsteinhorn glacier (thought to have been the first skiable glacier to open in Austria), guarantees one of the longest seasons in the country, typically from October to May. 

Kaprun is also linked to the neighbouring resort of Zell am See and, more recently, Saalbach, by a free bus, opening up nearly 350km of slopes for adventurous skiers.



7. St Anton

  • Highest lift - 2,811m
  • December weekly snowfall - 36cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 26cm
  • Snow cannons - 88%
  • Slope direction - N,S,E,W

Thanks to its enviable location in the Arlberg ski area - right next to Lech, our 5th most snow sure resort - St Anton also benefits from very reliable snowfall (around 11m across the season) and access to 305km of superb slopes. 

But where Lech has lots to offer beginners, St Anton is much more suitable for experts, with a wealth of incredible but challenging off-piste terrain that makes it a freerider’s dream - powder hounds often hike up before the first lifts. If you’re an experienced skier, we’d recommend checking out the run down from Valluga to St Anton via Ulmer Hutte, the longest run in the Arlberg ski area. 



 8. Schladming

  • Highest lift - 2,700
  • December weekly snowfall - 18cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 11cm
  • Snow cannons - 100%
  • Slope direction - N,NW

Schladming is another low down resort (745m) that guarantees snow surety thanks to its efficient lift system, which takes you all the way up to a peak of 2,700m. It’s here you’ll find the Dachstein glacier, which, when its titular cable car isn’t closed for refurbishment (as it will be for much of 2024) offers fantastic skiing and stunning views. 

Schladming also benefits from a broadly north facing orientation to its slopes, and a fair amount of snow (18cm in December and 11cm in April). But that’s not all: Schladming has by far the most extensive artificial snow making facilities of any of our top resorts, with 1,280 snow cannons covering 100% of the ski area. All of this means that the resort can usually open as early as November.



 9. Mayrhofen

  • Highest lift - 3,250m
  • December weekly snowfall - 17cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 11cm
  • Snow cannons - 100%
  • Slope direction - N,S,E,W

Mayrhofen holds the rare distinction of being the lowest ski resort in our ranking (630m) but also the one with the second highest lift (3,250m), second only to Sölden (3,340), and by some distance the largest ski area (600km). 

Situated in the stunningly picturesque Ziller Valley, Mayrhofen is renowned as one of Austria’s top ski destinations, with diverse terrain that caters to everyone - from the freshest beginners to the most grizzled experts. The former should head for the Ahorn area. The latter can explore more than 22km of black runs, including the Hari Kari, the steepest run in Austria, which has a vertigo-inducing 78% gradient. Additionally, 80% of the pistes are covered by snow-making facilities, guaranteeing skiing throughout the season. 

One more thing: Mayrhofen is just 20 minutes drive from the Hintertux glacier resort,which claims to be the only resort in Austria that’s open 365 days a year.



10. Obertauern

  • Highest lift - 2,526m
  • December weekly snowfall - 21cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 17cm
  • Snow cannons - 80%
  • Slope direction - N,S

Thanks to its narrow but snow sure resort range of 1,738m and 2,526, Obertauern is home to some of the most reliable high altitude skiing in Austria.

Thanks to the altitude, you can ski right to the door of most of the accommodation in the resort. And what it lacks in vertical drop it more than makes up for in horizontal distance. In fact, you can travel more than 200 times as far horizontally as you can vertically. We also like that Obertauern’s runs and lifts have been designed so that you can ski either clockwise or anticlockwise and end up back where you started from.



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