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Find out the top snow sure ski resorts in Italy

Livigno ski resort 

So you’re going on a ski holiday to Italy. Great food? Guaranteed. Beautiful views? Certainly. A relaxed pace and generally quieter slopes? Most likely. Fantastic snow conditions? Hopefully… 

Italy’s resorts tend to be lower lying than those in France or Switzerland, and the ones that are higher are often located close to the borders of those two high altitude Alpine ski havens. However, pick the right resorts and Italy is a perfectly snow sure ski holiday destination.

We’ve assessed the altitude, snow record, slope direction, and snow cannon coverage to determine a list of the most snow sure resorts in Italy. 

From Cervinia to Courmayeur, book your next ski holiday to one of these fantastic resorts you won’t need to worry about a lack of snow.    


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First, what defines a snow sure ski resort?

We’ve used the following seven criteria to determine the snow surety of each of the Italian resorts in our ranking.


1. Healthy December snowfall 

Most Italian resorts open in December, so a healthy snowfall in the final month of the year is essential for the lifts to open and to provide a solid base for the remainder of the season.


2. Healthy April snowfall 

Even as the temperature rises in the south, high in the Italian mountains in April, it remains cool enough to ski, as long as there’s a supply of fresh snow to keep the pistes open.


3. A resort height above 1,500m 

Higher resorts benefit from lower air pressure and lower temperatures, which makes it more likely that snow will stick around. That’s why resorts above 1,500m are more likely to have good piste conditions right back down to the resort centre.


4. A max resort height above 2,700m

Even if the lower altitude pistes are struggling to hold their snow, the greater the share of pistes above 2,700m the better. At this altitude, the conditions are cool enough to retain snow even late in the season.


5. Glacier skiing 

Glaciers are like giant ice packs for the snow, and can prevent it from melting even as the temperature rises. Resorts with glacier skiing are typically very snow sure and can open earlier and close later than non-glacier resorts.


6. Slope direction 

Resorts that have a greater proportion of slopes facing north or east score higher. That’s because they’re less affected by direct sunlight and the freeze and thaw cycle that means pistes can yoyo between ice and slush.


7. Snow cannons

Snow cannons are great for ensuring slopes remain skiable even when there hasn’t been much recent snowfall. All of our resorts have a decent proportion of their pistes covered by artificial snow making facilities.


Plenty of Italy's ski resorts meet these criteria, and using our own unique ranking system, we’ve determined the top 10. 



Italy's most snow sure resorts are:


  1. Cervinia

  2. Passo Tonale

  3. Champoluc

  4. Corvara

  5. Livigno

  6. Cortina

  7. Pila

  8. Arabba

  9. Courmayeur

  10. La Thuile


Let's see what makes these Italian resorts the most snow sure.


Resort December snow (weekly) April snow (weekly) Resort <1500m Highest lift Glacier  Direction Cannons
Cervinia 37cm 43cm Yes 3,899 Yes (off piste) S, S/W 45%
Passo Tonale 24cm 33cm Yes 3,010 Yes S/E, N/W 100%
Champoluc 26cm 28cm Yes 3,550 No N/W, N/E, E, S/E, S/W 95%
Corvara 23cm 21cm Yes 3,342 No N, S, E, W 91%
Livigno 25cm 23cm Yes 3,000 No S/E, N/W 71%
Cortina 26cm 22cm No 3,248 No E,W 95%
Pila 21cm 16cm Yes 2,752 No N, N/E 80%
Arabba 25cm 24cm Yes 2,950 Yes (off piste) N, S, E, W 98%
Courmayeur 32cm 15cm No 2,763 Yes N/E, N/W 15%
La Thuile 33cm 17cm No 2,579 No N, N/E 35%


Find out more about these top resorts in the next section.


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1. Cervinia

  • Highest lift - 3,899m
  • December weekly snowfall - 37cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 43cm
  • Snow cannons - 45%
  • Slope direction - S, S/W

With a resort altitude of 2,050m and a max height of 3,899m above sea level, Cervinia is one of the highest and most snow sure resorts in the Alps. Unsurprisingly, it also enjoys the best snow record of any of the resorts in our ranking, with an average of 37cm in December and an enviable 43cm in the late season month of April. 

At this height, even the broadly south facing orientation of Cervinia’s slopes doesn’t count against it, with just 45% of its ski area needing to be covered by snow cannons. Up on the Plateau Rosa glacier, 26.5km of off-piste terrain stays open for summer skiing. 

Cervinia also benefits from links to that most iconic of Swizz resorts, Zermatt, opening up hundreds of kilometres of pistes for you to explore.


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Thanks to its lofty height and snow surety, Cervinia also tops our list of the best resorts to ski in Italy in April. You'll find some of the other resorts on this list have made it on their too. Take a look!



2. Passo Tonale

  • Highest lift - 3,010m
  • December weekly snowfall - 24cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 33cm
  • Snow cannons - 100%
  • Slope direction - S/E, N/W

Combining a reassuringly high altitude (1,883) with a peak lift height of 3,010m and an unparalleled 100% of its pistes covered by snow making facilities (as well as plenty of the natural stuff, of course), Passo Tonale tops our ranking of Italy’s most snow sure ski resorts. 

This compact village is located in a valley of generally north and south facing slopes, with most of its runs situated above the treeline. And thanks to that lofty range, and the presence of the Presena Glacier (one of the only skiable ones in Italy), even Passo Tonale’s sun soaked southerly slopes offer very reliable skiing for much of the year - many of the runs up on the glacier stay open until June. 

There's a two-stage cable car linking Passo Tonale and Ponte di Legno, which allows you to make a continuous 11km descent down from Presena. 


 Passo Tonale ski resort

Passo Tonale reaches the snow sure heights of 3,010m


3. Champoluc

  • Highest lift - 3,550m
  • December weekly snowfall - 26cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 28cm
  • Snow cannons - 95%
  • Slope direction - N/W, N/E, E, S/E, S/W

Champoluc sits at 1,570m, just below the highest mountain in Italy, and maxes out at a snow sure altitude of 3,550m. This charming, unspoilt village is joined with Gressoney, Antagnod and Alagna Valsesia by one lift pass, forming the 150km Monte Rosa ski area. 

Skiers can look forward to a large number of +1,000m vertical descents, as well as tree-lined runs for those bad weather days, and some of the best off-piste terrain in Italy. And even if Champoluc hasn’t seen a fresh dump in a while, snow making facilities are on hand to top up 95% of the resort’s pistes. Check out Colle della Bettaforca and Colle Sarezza, both high altitude runs that benefit from some of the best snow conditions in the resort.



4. Corvara

  • Highest lift - 3,342m
  • December weekly snowfall - 23cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 21cm
  • Snow cannons - 91%
  • Slope direction - N,S,E,W

Part of the Alta Badia ski area, Corvara's consistent snowfall (23cm in December and 21cm in April), high altitude resort range (1,568m to 3,342m), and extensive (91%) snow making facilities have landed it the fourth spot in our ranking of Italy's most snow sure resorts. 

Corvara is one of the biggest and most lively villages in the area, and is a linked offshoot of the Sella Ronda, a 40km circuit that you can circle on a day tour. The resort itself has a nice balance of terrain for beginners, intermediates, and experts, including wide open pistes above the treeline, cruisey runs through the woods, and fun but challenging off-piste. 



5. Livigno

  • Highest lift - 3,000m
  • December weekly snowfall - 25cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 23cm
  • Snow cannons - 71%
  • Slope direction - S/E, N/W

With a resort range of between 1816m and 3,000m and healthy snowfall throughout the season, Livigno is as snow sure as you could ask for, virtually guaranteeing that you’ll be able to ski right back to the door of your chalet or hotel from the start of the season to its end. 

Visitors to Livigno will also enjoy a fantastically efficient lift system, stunning views over the Valtellina alpine valley, and access to the connected Carosello, Costaccia and Mottolino ski area. It’s particularly well suited to beginner and intermediate skiers, but also has a decent number of black and off-piste runs for experts. A free shuttle bus will take you across the valley to enjoy the full expanse of Livigno’s 115km ski area


 Cortina ski resort

 Cortina is a pretty, cosmopolitan, snow sure ski resort


6. Cortina

  • Highest lift - 3,248m
  • December weekly snowfall - 26cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 22cm
  • Snow cannons - 95%
  • Slope direction - E, W

If you’ve heard anything about Cortina, known as the Queen of the Dolomites, we’d wager it’s about the resort’s reputation as Italy’s most exclusive ski destination, attracting many of the country’s most affluent and most famous residents, who flock to its luxurious accommodation and facilities, and breathtaking scenery.

However, it also deserves a reputation as one of Italy’s most snow sure resorts. While Cortina itself, at 1,224m, is just below our benchmark resort height, its pistes go all the way up to an impressive 3,248m, and the consistent snowfall (as well as the 95% artificial snow coverage) ensure its premium pistes are skiable all season long.



7. Pila

  • Highest lift - 2,752m
  • December weekly snowfall - 21cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 16cm
  • Snow cannons - 80%
  • Slope direction - N, N/E

Situated at an altitude of 1,800m in a sheltered bowl between mountains above the town of Aosta, and with all of its slopes facing north or north east, Pila is perfectly placed to capture and maintain snow throughout the season, and can often open as early as November. 

Pila offers more than 70km of pistes going all the way up to over 2,700m, with a variety of terrain to suit skiers of all tastes and abilities. Beginners should check out Baby Pila, Baby Gorraz, and Grimod, while experts after something a little more challenging should head to the Leissé and Couis 2 pistes. 

As far as views go, Pila surely has one of the best in the Alps, with Mont Blanc, Monta Rosa and the Matterhorn all visible from its slopes. 



 8. Arabba

  • Highest lift - 2,950
  • December weekly snowfall - 25cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 24cm
  • Snow cannons - 98%
  • Slope direction - N, S, E, W

As well as consistent snowfall all season long (25cm average in December and 24cm in April), Arabba comes a close second in the snow cannon stakes, with a reassuring 98% of its slopes covered by artificial snow-making facilities. 

Not that it will necessarily need them thanks to its snow sure resort range of between 1600m and 2950m. As well as 52km of its own slopes, Arabba has excellent links to the other valleys of the 1,220km Dolomiti Superski Area (Val Gardena, Alta Badia and Val di Fassa), which you can explore if you have the full area ski pass, as well as the famous Sella Ronda circuit. The village is also near to the Marmolada glacier, home to La Bellunese, said to be the highest (3265m) and longest (12km) run in the Dolomites. 



 9. Courmayeur

  • Highest lift - 2,763m
  • December weekly snowfall - 32cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 15cm
  • Snow cannons - 15%
  • Slope direction - N/E, N/W

While not as high as many other resorts in our ranking (1,224m-2,755m), Courmayeur has a decent snow record and boasts a spectacular location on the Italian side of the mighty Mont Blanc. 

This means that its slopes benefit from a northerly aspect, which helps to maintain snow quality on those sunnier days. Courmayeur is linked to the world class resorts of Cervinia, Zermatt, and Chamonix, opening up hundreds of kilometres of excellent skiing. And on the Skyway Monte Bianco, you can head up to Punta Helbronner to ski on the snow sure Vallée Blanch glacier. 



10. La Thuile

  • Highest lift - 2,579m
  • December weekly snowfall - 33cm
  • April weekly snowfall - 17cm
  • Snow cannons - 35%
  • Slope direction - N, N/E

La Thuile is a pretty and unspoilt resort whose snow surety is guaranteed by healthy snowfall and its mostly north and north east facing pistes. Many of its wide, long runs lead right back to the village, allowing you to ski right back to the door of your accommodation. The resort itself is generally uncrowded and has plenty of terrain for beginners and intermediates, and some interesting off-piste opportunities for more advanced skiers. 

It's linked to the low key and traditional French resort of La Rosiere, which you can reach in about 90 minutes, though La Thuile is the most snow sure of the two. 



Book your next trip to one of Italy’s most snow sure resorts with Iglu Ski


As you've found after reading about all the incredible resorts in our ranking, the country famous for its pasta and its opera equally deserves a reputation for snow surety. From the dizzying, snow-smothered peaks of Cervinia to the premium pistes of Cortina, your next ski holiday to a snow sure Italian resort is just a few clicks away. 

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