Ski & Snowboard Clips To Waste An Afternoon With
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Ski & Snowboard Clips To Waste An Afternoon With

The season has started, the snow is falling and Christmas is almost here. For skiers and snowboarders it is that time of year where we are either looking forward to our next trip or in the middle of planning it.

To help out the snow addicts out there I have put together a list of iconic ski and snowboard clips that will help you drift off into a world of snow related fun, and to offer some much needed pre-Christmas procrastination. With literally hundreds of ski and snowboard films out there and more available each season the list is an eclectic mix of old school, fun and down right insane films. If you haven't seen the full length videos than get yourself to you local ski shop, iTunes or YouTube and watch them in full - once you're at home of course!


This happens to be my favourite all time snowboard film. It has an awesome sound track, some incredible riding and a real feel that the Robot Food guys are having a great time hanging out with their friends on the mountain. To me this sums up snowboarding.

That's It, That's All

That's It, That's All is one of the most impressive snowboard films of all time. It was one of the first mainstream HD films and rumour has it Quiksilver blew the equivalent of a year's marketing budget on it. Travis Rice is proving why he's the world's best snowboarder and the riding and the locations in That's It, That's All can only be described as epic.


Anomaly is from the guys at Teton Gravity research, who this year bought us the first 3D ski film Light The Wick and Jeremy Jones' incredible documentary film Deeper. My favourite section is with Candide Thovex combining huge kickers with his tight knit skills.


Steep may be one of the older films on offer here yet it still boasts some of skiing's biggest legends and combines them with some incredible lines. The film was more of a documentary and includes the godfather of heli-skiing, Doug Coombs, at his best.

TB8 Infinity

The TB series from Standard Films is possibly the most influential and renowned out there. Every film is incredible though Jussi Oksanen's section and the big mountain riding in TB8 make it the standout film of the series.


The guys from Absinthe films took the place of Robot Food and make snowboard films that combine fun, great music and incredible riders. Pop, Futureproof, More, Neverland and this year's film Now Here are all worth a watch (and purchasing) yet Optimistic stands out to me. Mikey Le Blanc's section is daft yet brilliant and who said there was no snow in 2007?

Blizzard of Ahhhs

The Blizzards of Ahhhs is a truly old school ski film, but it proves Glen Plake has been one of the world's top skiers for a very long time. For the fans of moguls, '80s outfits and Chamonix this is a real treat.

Salomon FreeskiTV

Over the past couple of seasons brands have started making online series and podcasts instead of full length movies. Salomon's FreeskiTV has been a great success with some awesome skiing on offer, the Mica Heli-skiing episode (#6) is definitely a highlight with five minutes of mouth-watering powder on offer.

Draw The Line

Mack Dawg Productions (MDP) have always been among the forefront of the snow film scene. Draw the Line is one of my favourites and the Trapped in Chile section is amazing. Imagine being trapped in a resort with too-much snow to even get up the mountain, then throw in some Dolly Parton and you've got an all time great.

91 Words For Snow

Apparently the Inuits have 91 Words for snow, and this documentary-style film is one of the best around. Put together by Dave Benedek this film has some all time inspirational sections, including Mike Basich's epic trip to Valdez in Alaska. It's a change from Benedek's Robot Food films but it equally as enjoyable to watch.

Hopefully there are a few of your favourites in there and this has got you in the mood for this winter. The snow may be reaping havoc in UK airports, on public transport and on streets up and down the country but just think how good the mountains are right now. If you haven't got your 2011 trip booked up, maybe it's time to start thinking about it.