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Great Hotel - VERY Small Room - Food Poisoning? - 04/03/2019

So, I don't want to be negative. Lots of good things about this hotel. Nice people. Nice bar. Nice lobby. Ski in and out. Food is very tasty and lots of selection. I also think it is professionally prepared. But, I am also pretty sure I was food poisoned. Why? Well, I suppose it is just big trays of meat product sitting on heat lamps for long periods of time. Very common at hotels like this I think. Let me also say that the room had three beds crammed into it covering maybe 80% of the floor. There was just myself and my daughter staying so we turned one bed on its side so we could get between the beds. Maybe this is pretty common in ski areas like this but really it was more like a single room with three beds smashed into it. No chair. No desk. No place for either of them. Did have a mini fridge which was useful. Would I stay again? Yes. Would I choose my dishes at supper more carefully? Yes. Crystal was the actual holiday provider and they were great. Thanks to Sophie from Crystal. I hope that is useful.

Apres Ski: 4/5
Accommodation & Value: 3/5

Chris Van Buren

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